Current Anesthesiology Residents

PGY1 Residents (Class of 2026)

Jessica Bonilla, DO

Jessica Bonilla, DO

Medical School: Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Memorial: Memorial Healthcare System was my number one choice because of the people. When I interviewed with this program, I connected with the faculty and staff effortlessly. I got the sense that these wonderful people truly care about me as a person and therefore would help tailor my education as a resident to my needs, not just a cookie-cutter program. Once accepted, I received multiple phone calls and texts from my program director and faculty, to not only congratulate me on my success but to make sure my transition to residency went smoothly. I can tell my first impressions were correct.

Kevin Lukose, MD

Kevin Lukose, MD

Medical School: Florida Atlantic University, College of Medicine

Why Memorial: Because of the sense of camaraderie and cohesiveness amongst the attendings and residents that I noticed immediately. During my anesthesiology rotation here, I quickly realized how the welcoming and collegial atmosphere here was not something you find at every program. I am someone who thrives in a close-knit group where everyone knows everyone and works toward a common goal. The culture here at Memorial is one that I strongly believe will allow me to thrive and become an excellent anesthesiologist.

Stephan Mouhanna, MD

Stephan Mouhanna, MD

Medical School: Florida International University, College of Medicine

Why Memorial: The faculty and culture at Memorial is irreplaceable and a place I can call my second home. Throughout medical school I participated in several rotations at Memorial, including Emergency Medicine, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, and (of course) Anesthesiology. I came to bond with many of the physicians, nurses, and other medical staff working in the hospitals and had the pleasure of observing and being involved in their interactions with patients as well as participating in patient care. The experiences at this hospital system, in addition to the wonderful staff and structure of the anesthesiology program, helped solidify MHS as my residency location of choice for the next four years. It has been and will be a pleasure to work with the medical staff I have come to consider my family as I develop into a full-fledged Anesthesiologist at Memorial.

PGY2 Residents (Class of 2025)

michael aguad

Michael Aguad, MD

Medical School: Florida International University

Why Memorial: The program at Memorial has an incredibly supportive culture and provides all the essential qualities and necessities required to produce excellent physicians and the leaders of tomorrow. It is a community-based program with affiliations with multiple medical schools in the surrounding area that allows us to provide educational training to our future physicians, and allow us to care for a diverse population. In addition to having an incredibly knowledge staff, its location is in the sunny South Florida that is the perfect area to accommodate almost anyone’s desired hobbies.

grace chalhoub

Grace Chalhoub, DO

Medical School: Nova Southeastern University

Why Memorial: As a south Florida local, Memorial's anesthesiology program was automatically at the top of my rank list. Despite the fact that there are many anesthesiology residency programs in the area, MHS was the one program that truly appealed to me. I especially like the family aspect of this program and the ability to work one on one with the attendings. Now that I have been here for four months, I realize that this is truly one small family working together to provide the best patient care possible as well as achieving our dreams and goals. There is unbelievable support extending from our program director to attendings, co-residents, GME, nursing and pretty much everyone at the hospital. By being a part of MHS anesthesiology program, I know that I will be well-equipped for any fellowship I decide to pursue.

tilman chambers

Tilman Chambers, MD

Medical School: University of South Florida

Why Memorial: What interested me in the Memorial Healthcare System’s Anesthesia Residency is the strong foundational training they have to offer through cutting-edge experience across subspecialties at a well-respected hospital system, valuable mentorship, small class size, and research opportunities. I shared the dedication to exceptional workplace culture and wanted to learn how to create this within an anesthesia care setting.

PGY3 Residents (Class of 2024)

Taimoor Khan, MD

Taimoor Khan, MD

Medical School: University of Central Florida, College of Medicine

Why Memorial: I realized early in the interview season the Memorial Hospital West residency is very unique. Dr. Houseman and the Anesthesiology department combine the vision of a great community hospital with the academic standards and practices of the variety of institutions they’ve trained at. We also get to take advantage of the small class size against the huge volume and diversity of cases and patient stories that we encounter every day. I feel very ahead of the curve thanks to all of this.

Gianfranco Molfetto, MD

Gianfranco Molfetto, DO

Medical School: Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine

Why Memorial: Being from South Florida and having previously worked at Memorial, I was confident that my training here would be excellent. The surrounding area is comprised of a diverse population and interesting pathology that would prepare us to practice anywhere. Our faculty each bring their own unique perspective and come from different training backgrounds that adds to our education.

Onassis Naim, MD

Onassis Naim, MD

Medical School: Universidad de Oriente Escuela de Medicina, Nucleo de Bolivar

Why Memorial: Because Memorial Healthcare System is a well-established system in Florida, the patient population is highly diverse, and we get to learn from challenging cases. The faculty and staff are warm, they do their best to give residents the best education, and I am sure that by the end of my residency I will be in a position to treat patients from all backgrounds and with different comorbidities as well as being capable to deal with challenging cases.