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EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link extends community providers and office staff who provide care services with real time web access to their patient’s charts facilitating continuity of care.

Existing EpicCare Link Users:

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What is EpicCare Link?

EpicCare Link is a web application that provide physician office staff and community partners with real time web access to patients/members information.

EpicCare Link is for:

  • Affiliated practices, whose physicians have full Epic access
  • Referring providers and their office staff
  • Other healthcare providers, including hospitals, nursing homes, home health/hospice and pharmacies
  • Health insurance companies
  • Authorized business partners/vendors

How to Request Access

New EpicCare Link Users – Request Access for a New Location

Request Access for a New Group

Established EpicCare Link Location – Additional Users Request

If your office currently has access to EpicCare Link and you need to add new users, please work with your practice EpicCare Link Site Manager to make this request.

For Use of Site Managers Only: You need to log in to EpicCare link and in the admin tab select “New Account Request” 

Established Group Additional Users Request

Frequently Asked Questions

What information can I find in EpicCare Link?

Access includes:

  • Customized patient list
  • Patient's demographics
  • Live Clinical information
  • Coverages and Benefits
  • New Referral entry
  • Referral Status search
  • Claims Status Search
  • Results review
  • Care Everywhere
  • Event Notification
  • Surgeon Daily schedule
  • Customer Service communications


Will I have access to information for all patients?
You'll have access to information for patients that are associated with the physicians in your office practice. If there is no relationship established between the patient and the physician’s practice, you may be able to get access to these patients by entering more detailed information and completing the required fields.
How long will it take to get access to EpicCare Link after sending the required forms back?

You will receive an MHS User ID via email 10 business days after receiving the required forms. To set up your password, call the MHS Service Desk at 954-276-4848.

How can I get trained in EpicCare Link?
As soon as you receive your User ID and setup your password, you’ll have access to an online training guide that will contain detailed instructions for how to navigate EpicCare Link.
Can we submit referrals/authorizations in EpicCare Link?
Yes. You can submit new referrals/authorizations and/or review all referrals and their status created for CCP in EpicCare Link.
What about claims?
You’ll also be able to review claims status and EOBs (if additional access is requested) that have been submitted to Community Care Plan (CCP).
Is EpicCare Link an EMR solution?

EpicCare Link is not an EMR solution; it is a mostly read-only application with a few service-oriented features that support the continuity of care in our community.

Is there a limit of users I can request access for my practice?
MHS does not allow sharing credentials. We can provide access to the necessary staff in the office; however, we always recommend precaution and mind-fulness when requesting staff credentials.
Can I share my EpicCare Link User Name and password with colleagues at my site?

No. Username and password sharing is not allowed. If others at your site need EpicCare Link access, they can request their own with the help of your practice's designated EpicLink Site Manager.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?
Memorial Healthcare System Service Desk at or email at

Sharing your username and password is strictly prohibited

Using someone else’s username and password is a serious violation and will result in termination of access and potential legal action. Your Site Manager can facilitate a request for EpicCare Link access for any staff members who need their own credentials.

Memorial has zero tolerance for password sharing

Memorial has zero tolerance for password sharing