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  • Vedner Guerrier

    Memorial Hospital Miramar CEO Vedner Guerrier Takes the Helm During Challenging Times

    On the 20-year journey from staff therapist to hospital CEO, Vedner Guerrier gained considerable experience and formed valuable relationships. Both have come in handy since he began leading operations earlier this year at Memorial Hospital Miramar, a 178-bed facility simultaneously expanding to meet the needs of a growing community and waging war against COVID-19.

    During his first 90 days as CEO, Guerrier and his executive staff have essentially combined two hospitals into one in Miramar. In one area, clinicians care for patients overcoming traditional medical issues and deliver babies at a facility that includes a Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Level II neonatal intensive care unit. In the other, critical care is provided to COVID-19 patients, 50% of whom come from Miami-Dade County.

    “I’m humbled by the opportunity to lead this hospital,” said the tri-lingual Guerrier, a 44-year-old ‘Miami guy’ born in the Bahamas to Haitian parents. “It’s my job to get our teams to work collaboratively and produce results needed by the communities we serve.”

    With an increased number of patients crossing county lines seeking medical attention, Memorial will soon open the first of four floors of a 130,000-square foot medical pavilion to meet the growing demand for healthcare services in southwest Broward and northwest Miami-Dade counties.

    Guerrier is working to ensure a wide variety of physicians have access to the specialty services pavilion. “I’m not doing any of this alone and look forward to welcoming those who can best serve our diverse catchment area.”

    Once completed, the building will feature:

    • an ambulatory surgical center with four operating rooms for outpatient procedures,
    • women’s imaging services (ultrasound, mammography, and bone density), and
    • an entire floor dedicated to pediatric services that will include specialists in orthopedics, endocrinology, otolaryngology, and neurology, among others.

    Of his rise through the Memorial Healthcare System to the top spot at Memorial Hospital Miramar, Guerrier says he was inspired to be a leader by the words of a former mentor who said there are three types of people: ‘those who make it happen, those who watch what happens, and those who ask what happened.’

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  • marc napp press release

    Memorial Healthcare System Appoints Marc L. Napp, MD, as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

    Memorial Healthcare System has appointed to its top medical position Marc L. Napp, MD, MS, FACS, who will serve as senior vice president and chief medical officer, responsible for Memorial’s quality and safety programs, and oversight and leadership of all medical staff and clinical areas. Other responsibilities will include serving as incident commander and enhancing alignment of clinical operations and other systemwide programs. Dr. Napp, who started on March 22, succeeds Stanley Marks, MD, who retired in late 2020.

    “Dr. Napp is a physician executive with a well-established career in health care quality, patient safety, physician leadership development and crisis management, and is an impressive person whose kindness and care for others is palpable,” said Aurelio M. Fernandez, III, President and CEO, Memorial Healthcare System. “We are excited to welcome him to the Memorial family and look forward to seeing him evolve and succeed in his role.”

    Dr. Napp previously worked at Mount Sinai Health System in New York, as the deputy chief medical officer, and the leader of Mount Sinai’s system-wide emergency management program, including the System’s response to COVID-19. Previous to Mount Sinai, Dr. Napp held various medical leadership positions at New York’s Northwell Health and Lenox Hill Hospital, providing oversight for all aspects of medical staff operations. He began his career as an attending general surgeon at Surgical Associates of Western Connecticut and Danbury Hospital in Danbury, CT. He has held senior positions in academic, community and integrated healthcare delivery settings, and has extensive experience managing medical staff operations, driving systemness and improving alignment of clinical operations.

    Dr. Napp earned his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, an MS in Administrative Medicine from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a BSE in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University. He has served on numerous state and industry committees and panels and is a founder of the Clinical Quality Fellowship Program of the Greater New York Hospital Association and the United Hospital Fund.

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  • Editorial image representing medical information sharing

    Information Sharing – Implementing the Cures Act at Memorial Healthcare System

    Memorial Healthcare System launched an initiative to implement and comply with the Cures Act Final Rule. Information Sharing provides patients with timely access to their health data, empowers patients and their providers to make more informed decisions, and promotes interoperability and connectivity between Providers.

    What is the Cures Act?

    The 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) was passed in 2016 to make clinical information more readily available to patients through secure online portals like Memorial MyChart. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology established the Final Rule to regulate information blocking and place patients at the center of their care. Memorial Healthcare System launched an initiative to implement and comply with the Cures Act Final Rule.

    Moving health forward

    At Memorial Healthcare System, our culture has always been rooted in a patient and family centered approach to care. Information Sharing simply builds upon our efforts, allowing patients to become more engaged in their own health journey.

    What type of information is available in MyChart?

    Patients have always had the right to request their health records, including results and notes. Effective March 29, 2021, the following information will be available immediately:

    • All finalized clinical notes (Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Department & Procedures)
    • Behavioral/Psychiatric/Mental Health notes (Psychotherapy notes excluded)
    • Clinical results (Lab, Radiology, Pathology, Genetics, EKG & EEGs)
    • Allergies, Assessment and Plan of treatment, Care Team, Demographics, Goals, Health Concerns, Immunizations, Medications, Problems, Procedures, Implantable Devices, Vital Signs & Smoking Status

    This means that results and clinical notes are now available to you in MyChart immediately, so you may see your results before your provider does. These results could include sensitive or difficult to understand information such as a condition or disease of concern, sexually transmitted disease (STD) and genetic testing. You may choose to wait to look at these results until after your provider contacts you, usually within 3 business days or at your next scheduled appointment.  Your provider will contact you with critical results immediately.

    Where can I view my electronic health information?

    You can access your health information by logging into Memorial MyChart.
    Please note some information is currently not viewable in the MyChart mobile app, so please visit the web version for complete access to your electronic health information.

    What if I don't have a Memorial MyChart account?

    If you don’t have a Memorial MyChart account, please ask your provider for an activation code or follow the directions on our MyChart Video tutorial page.

    Will I be able to see all my test results in MyChart?

    HIV test results will not be automatically released as per state statutes.  Your provider may manually release those to MyChart. All other test results will be immediately released.  

    What types of clinical notes are immediately released?

    Clinical notes are notes written by licensed practitioners including Physicians, Physician Extenders, Nursing, Dieticians, Therapists, and Social Workers. 

    Will my historical notes be available to me in MyChart?

    At this time, we are not releasing historical notes. Notes will be available on March 29, 2021 forward.

    Where can I find my clinical notes?

    You can find your clinical notes in your MyChart account.
    Under Visits -> Office and Hospital Visits

    MyChart interphase image showing to click on visits and then office and hospital visits to find the clinical notes   screenshot of user interphase user must click on view notes to read the clinical notes

    Can providers block notes so I can’t see them?

    In alignment with the rule, healthcare providers can choose to block a note if it meets one of the following exceptions:

    1. The patient requests not to share the note to the MyChart patient portal
    2. Sharing the note would place you or another person’s life or physical safety at risk. An exception is allowed when reading a note would cause significant harm, as determined by the professional judgment of your provider. Harm is defined as physical injury or death and not emotional harm.
    3. Under state, federal or other privacy laws, the contents of the note may not be shared.

    Can others involved in my care see my notes in MyChart?

    If you have provided MyChart proxy authorization to a parent or caregiver, they will also be able to see your notes.  You can remove Proxy access by going to the web version of MyChart. Go to Profile -> Personalize -> select the person you wish to remove and then click on Revoke Access. If you want to know how to request or grant proxy access please follow the instruction on our MyChart proxy access page

    What if I don't understand my test results or have questions for my doctor?

    Results and clinical notes are available to you in MyChart immediately, so you may see your results before your provider does.  We do not expect for patients to interpret their own test results so you may choose to wait to look at these results until after your provider contacts you, usually within 3 business days. If you have immediate concerns please contact your provider.

    screenshot of MyChart Shareeverwhere interphase that allows you to request a code and then share it with someone you want to grant temporarily access to your medical record

    How can I share my information with my doctor or provider?

    You can share your record via MyChart web version by going to Health -> Medical Tools --> Share My Record.

    On MyChart mobile app go to Share Everywhere -> Request share code.