Medication Therapy Management

You may have many questions regarding the management of your medications. It's important to understand why, when and how your medications are to be taken. In addition, you should feel comfortable calling your physician or pharmacist if you experience unpleasant side effects. To assist with these common challenges, Memorial Cancer Institute's Pharmacy Department has developed a new Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program.

Hours and Location

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8 am-4:30 pm

Memorial Cancer Institute at Memorial Regional Hospital, Suite 330

Our Services

An Oncology Pharmacist will be able to:

  • Review all current medications (including prescription, herbal, over the counter and dietary supplements) and explain how each one works to treat your medical condition.
  • Check for negative interactions between medications, and discuss any potential side effects you may experience and ways to best manage.
  • Contact your doctor if any problems are identified during the medication review.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive list of your medications, including the name, dosage and instructions for administration. (Best time to take, with or without food, etc.)
  • Provide a medication action plan to help track progress in medication self-management.

In addition, Memorial Cancer Institute has expanded our retail pharmacy services to offer oral oncology medications, supportive care medications and nutritional products. Your physician is able to e-prescribe directly to the Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy as a convenient single source for all your medication needs.

Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy Delivery Service

Let Memorial bring your prescriptions directly to you. Memorial Regional Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy now offers a concierge pharmacy service to fill and deliver your prescription medications, giving you or your loved one a head start to recovery, before even leaving the hospital.

This service will allow a Memorial pharmacist to coordinate your prescription with your physician’s office, authorize your insurance coverage, work on your behalf to access co-pay assistance programs when available, and eliminate a tedious wait on your way home. You should have your medications in hand before you leave the hospital. Call the Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy at 954-265-5907.

Bedside Delivery Hours
Monday-Friday: 9 am-8 pm

Outpatient Pharmacy Hours
Monday-Friday: 7 am-10 pm
Saturday: 9 am-5 pm

The outpatient pharmacy is located on the ground floor of Memorial Regional Hospital.