Emotional Support

Helping you cope with cancer’s emotional effects.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis doesn’t only affect you physically. The mental and emotional impacts can be just as real and equally important to treat.

Our compassionate team of oncology psychologists specializes in helping people with cancer and their families navigate the emotional side of the disease. Coping with emotional distress impacts every aspect of your quality of life. We know that anxiety and depression can make treatment more difficult and less effective.

Emotional Support When You Need It Most

While your medical team is busy treating cancer, our oncology psychologists care for your emotional well-being. Feelings of depression and anxiety can be a normal part of cancer treatment. We understand how you feel and want to help.

Our highly trained psychologists work with you, your family and your caregivers to provide:

  • Evidence-based therapy techniques to help you manage all aspects of treatment and survivorship
  • A safe space to talk about your fears, feelings and concerns. We listen without judgment and help you move forward.
  • Tools to better manage your moods, fears and anxieties
  • Recommendations for complementary therapies, such as meditation, exercise and nutrition counseling
  • Connection to support groups for you and your family