Spiritual Care for Cancer

Helping you find comfort and peace during cancer treatment

Life-altering events like a cancer diagnosis can make you question why something like this is happening to you. You may feel lost and confused as you navigate your new reality. The interfaith chaplains at Memorial Cancer Institute understand how you feel and are here to help.

Our chaplains provide spiritual care and guidance for all, regardless of your faith or beliefs.

Spiritual Care to Help You Cope With Cancer

While your doctors focus on caring for your physical health, our interfaith chaplains are here to help heal your spirit. Seeking spiritual guidance from our compassionate chaplains can help you and your family regain balance during difficult times.

Spirituality isn’t about a specific religion. It’s about connecting to something greater than yourself. That connection can help you find hope, peace and healing.

Meeting with our interfaith chaplains is free and available to all patients, their families and caregivers. Our spiritual care team can:

  • Connect you with your faith’s clergy or community
  • Help you take part in rituals and ceremonies important to your beliefs
  • Sit with you or pray with you if you wish

Contact Our Spiritual Care Team

Memorial Regional Hospital
Ms. Daisie Roiniotis

Memorial Hospital West
Alex Royes, MDiv, CPE