Cancer Medication Management

We’re here to help you understand how, when and why to take your cancer medications.

You may have a long list of medications to take throughout cancer treatment. Some will be part of your treatment plan, while others will help you cope with side effects and treatment-related symptoms.

We understand that managing multiple medications can feel overwhelming. To help you navigate this safely and with less stress, we created a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program. Our oncology pharmacists are here to answer your questions and help you understand why, when and how to take your medications.

How to Manage Your Cancer Medications

Keeping careful track of your cancer medications can be challenging. But it’s essential to ensure you’re taking all the cancer drugs prescribed to you. Staying on top of your medications can make treatment more effective. It can also help you manage cancer medication side effects.

Many people find it helpful to create a master list of all their medications. The list should include your prescribed cancer drugs as well as supplements or over-the-counter medications. Whether you keep this list on your phone, tablet or paper, be sure to bring it with you whenever you see your doctors.

Medication Management Services We Offer

Our oncology pharmacists are here to help you navigate the various medications you’ll need to take throughout treatment. They can:

  • Review all your current medications (including prescription, herbal, over-the-counter and dietary supplements) and explain how each one works to treat your medical condition
  • Check for possible unsafe interactions between medications
  • Discuss any potential side effects you may experience and how best to manage them
  • Contact your doctor if they find any issues with what you’re taking
  • Provide a comprehensive list of your medications, including the name, dosage and instructions for how and when to take them
  • Provide you with a plan to help you track your medications

Memorial Cancer Institute Pharmacy Services

Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy is a convenient single source for all your medication needs. We’ve expanded our retail pharmacy services to offer oral oncology medications, supportive care medications and nutritional products. Plus, your physician can send your prescriptions electronically, the safest and quickest way to fill your medications.

If you’re considering supplements to aid with symptom management, our integrative medicine specialists can help. They can connect you with our online “green pharmacy,” a database of safe and effective supplements you can trust.

Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy Delivery Service

Our on-site concierge pharmacy service can fill and deliver prescription medications to your hospital room. This bedside service eliminates having to wait at the pharmacy. And it means you’ll have everything you need in-hand before leaving the hospital.

A Memorial pharmacist can help:

  • Coordinate your prescriptions with your physician’s office
  • Authorize your insurance coverage
  • Work on your behalf to access co-pay assistance programs when available

To arrange bedside delivery of medications, call the Memorial Outpatient Pharmacy at 954-265-5907.