Cancer Survivorship

Helping you navigate life after cancer treatment

At Memorial Cancer Institute, we are in the business of creating cancer survivors. Survivorship can mean different things to different people. And it can bring up different emotions and challenges depending on where you are in the cancer journey.

Our compassionate survivorship team understands that this phase of your life after cancer treatment may come with questions and complicated emotions. We’re here to help you continue to live life to the fullest and navigate any issues that arise.

What Is a Survivorship Care Plan and Treatment Summary?

Getting a survivorship care plan and treatment summary is one of the most important steps to take after completing cancer treatment. This plan is an overview of your diagnosis, treatment and health status to date. It’s a key document to help you and your care providers work toward your future health.

You can meet with a dedicated oncology advanced practice provider in person or via telehealth. They’ll review your survivorship plan and treatment summary with you and show you how to access it through your MyChart electronic records.

Your personalized survivorship care plan and treatment summary includes:

  • Your detailed oncology medical history
  • Diagnosis and related test results
  • Details of all of the cancer treatment you received
  • Information on detecting and managing any continuing side effects from cancer treatment
  • Recommendations from your medical team about scheduling ongoing future cancer screenings
  • Healthy living guidelines, including information about smoking cessation, nutrition and exercise
  • Names and contact information for all members of your cancer care team
  • Recommendations for seeing your primary care physician to stay up to date on non-cancer-related screenings and health concerns

Survivorship Services We Offer

In addition to creating a survivorship care plan and treatment summary for you, we provide many other services for survivors. Our ongoing support for you and your family includes:

Resources for Cancer Survivors

You are not alone in your survivorship. The team at Memorial Cancer Institute continues to support you with a variety of resources at our hospital and in our community. These resources are available to anyone during or after treatment. They include: