Patient and Family Navigators

Your care coordinator throughout cancer treatment.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event. But at Memorial Cancer Institute, you’ll never have to face it alone.

Our compassionate patient and family navigators are here for you every step of the way — from diagnosis through survivorship. We’ll help you and your family navigate this journey to ensure you get the care and support you need.

Patient and Family Navigators: How We Can Help

Your patient and family navigator is the first point of contact for you and your family as you begin cancer treatment. They’ll be with you throughout diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, coordinating every aspect of your care.

Our specially trained oncology care coordinators are at the heart of our cancer program. They work with you and your family, connecting you with resources, including:

  • Education to help you and your family understand your diagnosis, treatment options and what to expect. Ask your navigator to direct you to videos available in MyChart that guide you through treatments, side effects and more.
  • Help with managing symptoms and side effects 
  • Coordination of care among all your providers, such as organizing appointments, tests, biopsies, surgery and treatment
  • Referral to our cancer support services to help heal your body, mind and spirit
  • Connecting you with services and resources to help you and your family manage the nonmedical stresses that come with cancer
  • Referring you to the cancer research team who can help you explore the option to join a clinical trial. A clinical trial can give you access to cutting-edge new treatments before they’re readily available.

Meet Our Patient and Family Navigators

Our patient and family navigators are compassionate professionals with specialized training in oncology care. Learn more about our patient and family navigator team.

Your Patient Advocate: Another Layer of Support

Cancer treatment can feel lonely and overwhelming. To help you feel less alone, we pair you with a cancer survivor who understands the challenges you’re facing. Your patient advocate is not a medical professional, but someone who has been through similar treatment. They can:

  • Listen to your concerns, answer questions and help ease anxiety
  • Share personal advice and support based on their experience
  • Link you to services throughout Memorial Cancer Institute and beyond
Our navigators help to lead our patients on their cancer journey.

Our navigators help to lead our patients on their cancer journey.