Recent Program Contributions to Literature

Below are research articles our residents have contributed to since the start of the program.

  • Ianniello N. A Day in the Life of a Postgraduate Trainee: Just Say Yes. American College of Clinical Pharmacy: Experts in Training Newsletter.
  • "COVID-19: Review of Treatment Options" - Newsletter for ID Week
  • International Stroke Conference. Sessa, J., Sherman V., Doctor, N., Rogers, B., Ham, J., Vinitskaya, I., DiMartini G., Mehta, B. Pre-mixing IV tPA for Acute Ischemic Stroke Treatment: Impact on Door to Needle Times, sICH Rates, Patient Selection, and Amount of Drug Wasted with Associated Costs
  • Andrade, D. Fatakhova, M. Fatteh, S., Rubio-Gomez, H. A Case of successful acyclovir desensitization in a bone marrow transplant patient. Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice. Accepted May 2020.
  • Huffman, V. Andrade, D., Ham, J. Brown, K. Parmar, J. Impact of Nasal Swabs on Empiric Treatment of Respiratory Tract Infections (INSERT-RTI). Antimicrobial Stewardship across the Continuum of Care. Pharmacy. DOI:
  • Huffman, V. Andrade, D., Eckardt, P., Sherman, E. Treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection with crushed ledipasvir/sofosbuvir administered through a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube in a patient with HIV co-infection: case report. Manuscript 2019AJHP0754. American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. Accepted May 2020.
  • Ianniello, N., Andrade, D. Eckardt, P., Lemos-Ramirez, J. Native valve infective endocarditis due to Micrococcus luteus in a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient. ID Cases Elsevier 18 (2019) e00657.