Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy can be ideal for adults and children who need to gain strength and endurance, improve balance and reduce pain. Water has wonderful and unique properties that are beneficial for people who are not able to exercise on land or who would benefit from aquatic exercise along with land-based exercise

Why Choose Aquatic Therapy

aquatic rehabilitation

Aquatic exercise reduces the effects of gravity. For example, standing in shoulder-deep water reduces 80 percent of the weight on the legs and back. This helps reduce compression on the joints and allows the person to move and walk with greater ease. The pressure of the warm water also improves circulation, which can help muscles relax and promote healing and reduce swelling.

Conditions that would benefit from aquatic therapy include:

A physical or occupational therapist will be in the pool during aquatic therapy, so the patient does not need to know how to swim. Stairs and a lift chair help patients enter the pool.

Aquatic Therapy Location

Aquatic therapy is available at Memorial Hospital West. Please call 954-844-7180 for more information.