What to Expect

Patient Forms

What to Expect for Inpatient Treatment

What to Bring

Clothing: We strongly suggest that you bring clothing that’s comfortable to wear and that is similar to the clothes you’d wear each day if you weren’t in the hospital. This includes:

  • Sweatpants or slacks
  • Loose shirts or tops
  • A sweater or sweatshirt

We also highly recommend supportive, comfortable, non-skid shoes and socks.

Medication: Please leave all medications and herbal supplements at home. Our pharmacy department will review all your medications and work with your doctor to create an accurate list of all the drugs that you are taking.

What to Expect for Outpatient Treatment

Therapy times vary depending on the service. Typically, patients are seen for 30 to 60 minutes.

Your First Appointment

  • For your initial visit, plan on being at our facility for an hour to an hour and a half. This includes time for registration, your evaluation, and time to schedule future appointments if necessary.
  • Please download and complete a patient information form ahead of time and bring it with you. Depending on your diagnosis, additional forms may be requested. You will also need:
    • A prescription
    • Photo ID
    • Insurance card
    • It is also helpful to bring along any additional reports you have that are related to your condition

What to Wear

Depending on the type of appointment, you may receive more specific instructions on what to wear. Generally, we want you in comfortable clothing that will make it easy to expose the body part that needs to be treated. Closed shoes or sneakers are preferable for patients with balance issues or difficulty walking. Please bring a sweater or jacket – it is often cool in the building.