Cancer Rehabilitation

exercise bike therapyCancer treatment becomes more sophisticated every day. Still, the methods used to treat and cure cancer can cause physical changes that may be hard to live with. Our Cancer Rehabilitation Program helps you heal physically and emotionally.

The goal of cancer rehabilitation is to help you reach your highest level of function so you can lead a productive and enriched life. Our rehabilitation program involves:

  • Individualized assessments and treatment plans
  • Establishment of home programs through patient/family teaching
  • Collaboration with community resources
  • Coordination with therapists, patient, family and physician to achieve continuity of care

Please visit our Cancer Rehabilitation Program or call 954-518-5725.

Cancer Recovery Programs

Cancer Recovery Programs are designed to assist cancer patients in sustaining, or regaining, strength and endurance throughout treatment and beyond. Exercise Prescriptions are developed under the guidance of a clinical exercise physiologist with individual goals, concerns and fitness levels in mind so that sustainable exercise habits can be achieved. Learn more about these programs.