Self-Funding for Small and Medium-Size Businesses

Memorial Health Assurance has partnered with Health Plans, Inc. to offer small and medium-sized businesses the ability to become self-insured and backed by reinsurance for high-cost claims.

Memorial Health Assurance is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve efficiencies typically available only to larger businesses. This turnkey solution allows them to enjoy the benefits of self-funding without the usual risks.

Through data-driven strategies and incentives, Memorial Health Assurance improves the health of your employees by delivering the right care, at the right time and in the right setting — while reducing your healthcare costs.

Our existing pool already includes thousands of employees covered through Memorial Healthcare System. Now local employers can benefit from our strength in numbers and avoid buying off-the-shelf insurance products with no stop-loss protections.

Memorial Health Assurance

Self-funding: What’s in it for your small to medium-size business?

For starters, partnering with Memorial Health Assurance to become self-insured provides hard cost savings for you and lower premiums for your employees. Additional benefits of self-funding include:

  • Custom benefit design
  • Curated high-value provider network aligned with your goals
  • Customized wellness programs
  • Concierge experience
  • Data transparency
  • Risk control by accessing stop-loss market

Components of employer coverage under Memorial Health Assurance include partner services provided by the following reputable and long-standing companies:

  • TPA/Back Office: Health Plans, Inc.
  • Stop-loss Coverage: Swiss Re Group
  • Delivery System: Memorial Health Network and Holy Cross Physician Partners, two well-established, clinically integrated networks of ACHN (Atlantic Coast Health Network).

Service areas include Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties.

Scale Like a Fortune 500 Company

Health insurance costs for small and medium-size businesses in the communities we serve are a major budget challenge, one that increases annually with no demonstrable improvement in value or quality of care. Consolidating resources of hundreds or thousands of local companies, Memorial Health Assurance captive helps lower costs and risk while assuring accountability, transparency and quality of coverage and care for employees.

Employers with 50-1,000 employees no longer need to work with an insurance company. As your trusted healthcare provider, Memorial can provide everything you need to become self-funded and improve the health and wellness of your workforce while saving you money.

It’s a simple but powerful principle: Improving the health of your employees helps improve the health of your business.

We invite you to learn more about Memorial Health Assurance for small and medium-size businesses. Call 800-987-6151 to speak to a Memorial Health Assurance representative.