Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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For patients who have suffered a brain injury, Memorial Rehabilitation Institute offers personalized treatment programs, including the outpatient Community Re-Entry Program. A brain injury can result from:

  • Surgery
  • Infection
  • A tumor
  • Trauma or an accident
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Our brain injury treatment programs include:

Your rehabilitation team works closely with you and your support system to design and implement a personalized plan of care to help aid in your recovery and to help improve your quality of life and long-term function. Our physicians, nurses, therapists and staff are specifically trained in rehabilitative medicine for the treatment of and recovery from traumatic brain injury.

By combining some of the latest in advanced technology with highly trained staff within a beautiful, therapeutic environment, we are able to support our brain injury rehabilitation patients in gaining functional return and independence.

Patient- and Family-Centered Care

We recognize that families and their caregivers are important members of the rehabilitation team. We offer a patient- and family-centered approach that allows 24-hour visitation with bedside accommodations for overnight stays if desired. We also encourage families to attend weekly conferences with their loved one to discuss progress and plans for discharge directly with their personalized team of caregivers. We encourage family participation in your daily therapy sessions and also provide an evaluation of your home by our therapy team if needed prior to discharge.

Download our inpatient brain injury rehab outcomes.

inpatient brain injury rehab outcomes

Number of Patients Treated

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