Request a Medical Record

To obtain a copy of a medical record from Memorial Healthcare System, you must complete and submit the Authorization for Release of Confidential Medical Records Form. This is a Memorial policy, in accordance with federal and state laws, to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our patients' personal medical record information. Completion of this form is required whether you wish to pick up the medical record in person or have the medical record sent by Memorial to another party, such as a physician or other health care service provider, an insurance company or an attorney.

How to Request a Medical Record

  1. Complete the authorization form
  2. Mail or fax it to the hospital or health care facility where the services were performed (see contact information)
  3. The hospital will respond to the request for information within three business days of receipt

Charges for Obtaining Copies of Medical Records

There may be a copy charge for medical records, as authorized by Florida law. It is often helpful to discuss your request with a representative of the hospital's Health Information Management (Medical Records) Department. You may be able to reduce the copying costs by requesting a few key documents, rather than the entire medical record. There is no charge for a patient whose records are copied if it is necessary for the continuation of medical health care service. This can be demonstrated by having the medical records sent directly to the treating physician or health care facility.

Receiving Copies of Requested Health Care Information

Medical records will be mailed or may be picked up by the individual authorized by the patient. Records will not be faxed. Individuals picking up medical records must show a picture ID for verification.

Birth and Death Certificates:

Contact Broward County Vital Statistics: 954-467-4413

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