Memorial Hospital Miramar Family Birthplace

memorial hospital miramar exterior

The Family Birthplace at Memorial Hospital Miramar is located on the second floor.

1901 Southwest 172nd Avenue
Miramar, Florida 33029

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Birthplace Amenities

All rooms in the Family Birthplace are private. The rooms are decorated in soft, homelike colors, and include a hospital bed for the mother and a sleeper-sofa for family members. All have private bathrooms with showers. The rooms have televisions and DVD players, as well.

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Our hospital has:

  • 18 labor/delivery/recovery (LDR) suites 
  • 29 postpartum suites
  • Three Cesarean section rooms
  • Six recovery room bays
  • 16 private level II NICU rooms

Hospital Birth Cost

We want to give you the information you need to make healthcare decisions, including the costs of labor and delivery.

Hospital Cost for Self-Pay Rates (Cost without insurance)

Hospital Cost for Insured Rates (Cost based on your insurance plan)

Safe Sleep

Memorial Hospital Miramar is committed to best practices and education on infant safe sleep. To learn what a safe sleep environment looks like for your newborn baby, please download the Safe to Sleep brochure (PDF). You can also refer to the 2016 Recommendations for a Safe Sleep Environment from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

The Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Memorial Hospital Miramar is designed with all private rooms and advanced technology for your baby. We've provided a homelike setting in the NICU, with family privacy and opportunities for nurturing to help your baby grow and go home as soon as possible.

At the heart of the Family Birthplace at Memorial Hospital Miramar is patient- and family-centered care. That's why we've developed a private-room level II NICU for newborns who need more specialized care than the Newborn Nursery provides, and where families can have privacy while spending time with and caring for their baby. The custom design of our NICU was developed by a multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and parents.

With ambient lighting to simulate nighttime, tiny star-like lights shed a soft glow in your baby's private room. Special lights for examination are provided; lighting can be appropriately adjusted as your baby develops a circadian rhythm — night and day — that leads to better development and healing.

The level II NICU provides care for newborns weighing 1000 grams or more, or neonates who are at 28 weeks gestation or greater.

I recently had a scheduled C-section at Memorial Hospital Miramar, and our son ended up having to spend eight days in the NICU. Although it was a difficult time for our family, the NICU staff did an excellent job caring for us.

The doctor always kept us well-informed of our son’s condition, progress, and our next steps. She did an excellent job, translating medical jargon to comprehensible language for us. She also was very down-to-earth and personable, with a great bedside manner.

All of the NICU nursing staff who took care of our son were very professional, compassionate and nurturing.

– Kari