Performing Arts and Dance Medicine

Our skilled, experienced therapists help dancers recover from injury or surgery and achieve their performance goals.

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To be a successful dancer or performing artist, it takes athletic skill as well as creative talent. At the Memorial Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center, we provide physical therapy and rehabilitation services for dancers and performing artists.

Our experienced team understand the physical demands your artistry requires. We work with performers from youth through professional levels in one-on-one, 45-minute therapy sessions for personalized attention to enhance your performance.

Dance-Focused Physical Therapy

ballerina tying shoes

Memorial Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Center offers a specialized physical therapy program for dancers and performing artists, from those still in training to professional performers. Physical therapists who have advanced training in dance medicine and sports medicine help artists recover from injury and improve their performance. We speak your language when it comes to dance and performing arts.

Our dance and performing arts program offers:

  • Performance-focused physical therapy program: We help dancers and performing artists improve their understanding of posture, proper muscle recruitment and movement in specific dance techniques to recover from and prevent injury. You work with your physical therapist in one-on-one, 45-minute sessions designed for dancers who practice any form of dance, from classical to street styles.
  • Care designed by dancers for dancers: As current or former dancers themselves, our physical therapists understand dance movements and how they differ from movements in other sports. You receive training and education to help improve posture, muscle recruitment and other factors to achieve your performance goals.
  • Dance and sports medicine training: Our physical therapists have extensive training in dance injuries and sports physical therapy.  
    Physical therapy for all performing artists: If you’re a musician, circus performer, ballroom dancer or member of a marching band, we have therapy tailored for you. We work at the local, national and international levels to advance care for performing artists. We provide training and education in injury recovery and prevention to optimize your performance.
  • On-site clinics and health fairs: Our team provides on-site services such as pre-participation screenings for dance companies and freelance dancers. In our clinics, we assess posture, symmetry, balance, technique, and we look for early signs of stress or injury. Through community health fairs, we provide education to raise awareness about injuries and other medical issues specific to dancers and performing artists.

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