Trauma Information and Resolution Therapy

Our center offers Trauma Information and Resolution Therapy for adults (ages 18 and over) who have experienced a traumatic event such as:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Other threats to an individual’s physical, emotional or spiritual integrity

All services are provided by an experienced, licensed clinical therapist.

Trauma Information Group

The Trauma Information Group is a 10-week informational group that focuses on helping participants understand how a traumatic experience impacts the way we think, act and relate to others, as well as how we feel emotionally and spiritually. In addition to raising awareness, the group also teaches participants how to effectively cope with the effects of trauma. Topics include:

  • Anger
  • Impact of trauma (post traumatic stress)
  • Recovery process
  • Relationships/connections to others
  • Remembering
  • Safety and self care
  • Self image/body image
  • Shame and self blame
  • Trust
  • Understanding the past

Trauma Resolution Process Group

Participants who complete the first 10-week program detailed above are eligible for trauma resolution therapy by attending our Trauma Resolution Process Group, which allows individuals to take the skills learned from the Trauma Information Group, including ways to resolve trauma and its impact, to effectively reduce the effects of trauma long-term.

For more information, please call 954-276-3402 or 954-276-3422