Valve Diseases

The Valve Clinic at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute diagnoses and treats people with heart valve disease. We are committed to early detection and high-quality, personalized care.

Valve Clinic at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute

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As a member of the Broward County community, you have access to TotalHeart care. The Valve Clinic is staffed with highly skilled heart experts, including cardiologists, heart surgeons and interventional cardiologists. We use advanced imaging to diagnose and evaluate complex valve conditions and to determine which surgical, minimally invasive or nonsurgical treatment is best for you. We also work closely with your referring physician to help enhance your care and your health.


Heart Valve Conditions and Treatments

Heart valve conditions arise when one of your heart valves doesn’t function properly. These conditions can be present at birth or may develop over time, sometimes as the result of an infection.