Heart Attack

Our Code Heart Team

A heart attack is a life-threatening event that should be quickly addressed by medical professionals who are experienced in coronary angiography and stenting.

Our Code Heart Team at Memorial Regional Hospital and Memorial Hospital West is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure that every heart attack patient has the best opportunity for a positive outcome.

  • Our expert interventional cardiologists and cardiac catheterization teams strive to ensure that the affected artery is dilated and blood flow resumes within 90 minutes of a patient’s arrival.
  • This 90-minute window, the “door-to-balloon time” is the time frame in which, according to the American Heart Association, optimal outcomes are achieved. We consistently achieve this 90-minute goal.
  • The team also performs more than 50 percent of all stent procedures through the radial artery on the wrist, which is more comfortable and has fewer complications than the traditional approach through the groin.

Your heart is a muscle, and for every minute that oxygenated blood is blocked from reaching a portion of it, more damage occurs. Which means that “time is muscle”: It is important to unblock the artery and deploy a stent as quickly as possible – because once it’s severely damaged, heart muscle never heals.

Our Quality and Safety Data

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