Spiritual Care

Our mission is to heal the body, mind and spirit of those we touch

Life is about balance. But when your life seems out of balance because of Cancer, a key you have to get back in balance is Spiritual Care.
Spiritual Care is available for patients as well as family and caregivers. 

Our goal as a Spiritual Care Interfaith Chaplain is to listen deeply and carefully enough to hear your story, help you make sense of it, integrate it into the sacred story of life and to help you see the beautiful creation you are now.

Spirituality is actually fundamental to the healing process. Spirituality is a search for meaning; something greater than ourselves. As we discover and connect to the Divine within, Spirituality is about wholeness and healing, which is not the same as a cure. It is the Healing of the Spirit / Soul.

When Body, Mind and Spirit are in balance we attain the goal of wellness.
You are not alone. We can listen, pray or just be with you. We can assist you if you desire a referral to a person of your faith. You are welcome to request time while you are here or you may call for a private meeting.

Spiritual Care Team

Memorial Regional Hospital

Ms. Daisie Roinotis
(954) 265-5161

Memorial Hospital West

Dr. Peter J. Zografos
(954) 844-3445