Emotional Support

Psychological distress can occur at all stages of the disease in cancer patients. According to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) panel, distress is a complex and unpleasant emotional experience of a psychological (cognitive, behavioral, emotional), social, and/or spiritual nature that may interfere with the ability to cope effectively with cancer, its physical symptoms and its treatment.

The role of clinical psychology in the management of cancer patients covers different levels: screening, diagnosis and treatment of psychological distress. Given the role that psychological well-being may have on the cancer pathology course, addressing clinical and subclinical psychological concerns for people going through cancer treatment is essential.

By meeting the psychological needs of our cancer patients, we can better address:

  • Screening and diagnosis of psychological distress
  • Psychological treatments for cancer patients
  • Relatives’ burden, including the impact of cancer on children and caregivers
  • The impact of cancer on interpersonal relationships, intimacy and sexual wellbeing

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 Sameet Kumar

Sameet Kumar, PhD
Palliative Care Psychologist
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Jessica Ketterer, PhD
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