Kidney Transplant Process

At Memorial Transplant Institute, we’re committed to providing a personalized kidney transplant experience. Our dedicated team of specialists tailors your care to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

We guide patients and families through every facet of transplant care — from our comprehensive evaluation process to attentive follow-up care that continues for the rest of your life.

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The Kidney Transplant Process at Memorial: Getting Started

At Memorial Transplant Institute, we provide high-quality, personalized transplant care. Here’s an overview of the first steps involved in the kidney transplant process:

  • Referral: We accept referrals from nephrologists, primary care doctors, social workers and family members. You can also refer yourself. 
  • First contact: Soon after we receive your referral, a member of our transplant team will call you to explain how the kidney transplant process works. One of our compassionate coordinators will be by your side throughout the entire transplant process, helping you schedule appointments and providing support at every step.
  • Initial meeting: At your first visit, you will learn how to access our kidney transplant education video that covers everything you need to know about the kidney transplant process. You’ll also meet our entire care team.
  • Evaluation: Next, you’ll go through a comprehensive evaluation that assesses your physical and emotional health. This evaluation includes blood pressure screening, bloodwork and other medical tests. Our coordinators can help you gather medical records and can schedule many tests here at Memorial, or at other locations convenient for you. After your evaluation is complete, our entire care team will meet to discuss whether you may be a candidate for kidney transplantation.

Kidney Transplant Donor Matching: What to Expect

Once we clear a patient for kidney transplant surgery, we then discuss donor options:

  • Living kidney donor: Organs from living donors often function better and last longer than organs from deceased donors. Living kidney donor transplants can also happen faster than transplants that use organs from deceased donors. If you have a loved one who wants to donate a kidney to you, a simple blood test can determine if that person is a suitable match. If you’re uncomfortable discussing kidney donation, our coordinators can suggest creative ways to broach the topic with loved ones. Learn more about the benefits of living kidney donation.
  • National waitlist: We add all eligible patients to a national waiting list. The list matches organs from deceased donors with individuals based on a number of criteria, including the severity of the person’s condition. Because there are more people in need of a kidney than available organs, most people wait at least three years for a deceased donor kidney. Read more about how you can optimize your health while waiting for a kidney transplant.

Kidney Transplant Surgery and Follow-Up Care 

Once we match you with a suitable donor organ, our dedicated specialists work together to ensure your health, safety and comfort during kidney transplant surgery and for the rest of your life:

  • Surgery: Once we match you with a suitable donor organ — from a living or deceased donor — we call you and start making plans for your surgery. Learn more about what to expect during kidney transplant surgery
  • Recovery: Expect to stay in the hospital for at least four days after your surgery. Several members of our care team will visit you before you go home, at which time they’ll review everything you need to know as you embark on your new life after transplant. We’ll make sure you know the medications you need to take and the signs of potential organ rejection. Read about what to expect during kidney transplant recovery.
  • Follow-up: In the days and weeks after surgery, we’ll monitor your health with regular blood tests and other lab tests. We’ll see you less over time as you settle into your new life with a healthy kidney. Our specialists will work closely with your primary care physician or referring nephrologist to ensure your health for the rest of your life. 

Learn More About Adult Kidney Transplant

We are always just a phone call away. You can learn more about our customized adult kidney transplant care by calling us anytime at 954-265-7450.

Learn More About Pediatric Kidney Transplant

If you believe your child may benefit from a kidney transplant, we want to hear from you. You can learn more about our personalized pediatric kidney transplant care by calling us anytime at 954-265-7450.