Kidney Failure

When your kidneys don't work effectively, it can result in end-stage renal disease (or kidney failure). When your kidneys fail, receiving a kidney transplant can save your life.

At Memorial Transplant Institute, our skilled transplant team will walk you through every step of kidney transplantation, from your first evaluation visit to our lifelong follow-up care.

What Is Kidney Failure?

kidneyKidney failure (also called end-stage renal disease) occurs when the kidneys no longer function. Chronic kidney disease, as well as other conditions, can lead to kidney failure over time. Read more about kidney diseases we treat.

Uncontrolled blood sugar levels (from diabetes) and high blood pressure (called hypertension) are two of the main causes of chronic kidney disease. If you have diabetes or hypertension, ask your doctor what steps you can take to manage the condition.

Kidney Failure Treatments

There are two primary treatments for kidney failure:

  • Dialysis: Dialysis is a treatment that filters your blood. Dialysis can be an effective short-term treatment option for kidney failure.
  • Kidney transplant: Kidney transplantation is a more effective long-term solution to kidney failure. During kidney transplant surgery, a doctor implants a kidney from a living or a deceased donor. Kidney transplantation has helped thousands of people with kidney failure live longer and more active lives.

Kidney Transplant Surgery: Why Choose Us?

At Memorial Transplant Institute, our kidney transplant team offers comprehensive transplant care tailored to each patient. We offer:

  • Transplant expertise: We are the only hospital in Broward County that can provide kidney transplant care for both children and adults. Our surgical and medical teams have a combined 30 years of experience performing kidney transplant surgeries.
  • Exceptional care, close to home: Our adult patients see all their necessary transplant specialists in one convenient location at Memorial Regional Hospital. Children who need a transplant receive expert care under one roof at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital (located at Memorial Regional Hospital).
  • Personal attention: We guide patients and families through every facet of the transplant experience, from the evaluation process to lifelong follow-up care. Learn more about how we personalize the kidney transplant process.

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