Teamwork Technology and Fast Action Saved Sean's Life from Stroke

May 25, 2022

Sean with Dr. Brijesh Mehta

At age 36, Sean found out why it truly takes a team to survive a stroke. It all started when Sean's fiancé found him on the floor and immediately called EMS.

"Time is brain, and the faster we get there, the better the outcome will be," said Ernest Spreitzer, assistant division chief, Pembroke Pines Fire Rescue. After the Fire Rescue team called a "stroke alert" into Memorial Hospital West, Sean was immediately transported to the CT scanner upon arrival.

"We identified that he was having an acute stroke through the artificial intelligence software (RapidAI®) due to blockage of a large vessel on the right side of his brain," said Brijesh Mehta, MD, medical director, Comprehensive Stroke Program and NeuroInterventional Surgery. "We immediately took him to the cath lab and performed the mechanical thrombectomy procedure to open up the blocked artery…Within days he was feeling back to normal."

It took Sean's entire team, including the fast action of his fiancé, Pembroke Pines Rescue and Memorial's Comprehensive Stroke Program, to save Sean's life.

"Memorial West is really great at what they do. They're very caring. They paid attention to everything dealing with my health," Sean said.


Sean’s Stroke Story

Watch how with the help of EMS and Memorial Neuroscience Institute Sean was able to recover from a stroke.