Vendor Information

Vendor Relations Department

The Vendor Relations Department was created to:

  • Provide a point of contact for all vendors seeking to work with Memorial Healthcare System. The program's special focus is to encourage the participation of businesses from the small business community — especially women and minority-owned firms.
  • Educate vendors on how to conduct business with Memorial Healthcare System, which includes completing a vendor application package, networking with the Purchasing Department, and following security policies and procedures as they relate to patients and our facilities.
  • Manage the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program whose special focus is to network small, minority- and women- owned businesses from the local community for procurement opportunities
  • Refer certified minority- and women-owned vendors for procurement opportunities and Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Maintain a database of vendors who are seeking to work with Memorial Healthcare System
  • Network with Memorial Healthcare System departments who are looking for vendors

Contact Us

Memorial Healthcare System Support Services
2900 Corporate Way, Doorway C
Miramar FL 33025-3925
Attn: Vendor Relations Department Coordinator
Telephone: 954-276-6461
Fax: 954-438-5172

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am–4:30 pm

SBE Program Policy

It is the policy of Memorial Healthcare System to encourage meaningful participation of small, minority- and women-owned enterprises. All must provide high-quality services and products at competitive prices.

Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is a centralized business unit responsible for procuring all products and services for Memorial Healthcare System.

Contact Us

Memorial Purchasing Department
Memorial Healthcare System Support Services
2900 Corporate Way, Doorway C
Miramar, FL 33025-3925

Email Purchasing:
Email Accounts Payable:

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Purchasing Department Mission

The mission of Memorial Healthcare System's Purchasing Department is the acquisition of the right goods and services...

  • In the right quantity
  • At the right time
  • Of the right quality
  • At the right place
  • From the right supplier
  • At the right cost
  • At a minimum inventory and operating investment

Purchasing Department Vision

It is the vision of the Purchasing Department to be an integrated, motivated team within a multi-system network, working together with all departments to facilitate the seamless delivery of value-added goods and services.

Purchasing Goal

  • Manage the uninterrupted flow of goods & services
  • Maintain inventory at a minimum
  • Ensure quality
  • Source and develop sound suppliers who bring value, cost-effective solutions, quality products, and above-par service to Memorial Healthcare System
  • Standardize items purchased
  • Purchase at lowest possible costs
  • Improve Memorial Healthcare System's competitive edge in the market

Purchasing Contacts