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Critical Care Medicine
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Memorial Division of Critical Care Medicine

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About Me

I am a critical care and infectious disease specialist at Memorial Healthcare System. I care for patients in the intensive care units due to a variety of illnesses including community-acquired bacterial pneumonia, viral illnesses including the flu and COVID-19 and bloodstream infections. 

My parents are my heroes and inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. My father is a urologist, and my mother is a nurse. Both still practice medicine today despite having the opportunity to retire because they enjoy giving back to the community.

My favorite part of my job is the interactions with patients, families and staff. For many of our patients, it is their first time being in an ICU setting and the process can be daunting. My goal as a physician is to be amicable and approachable and build rapport and trust with those in my care.

Many conditions are tied to other pathologies, so it’s crucial that we keep a holistic approach to the care we provide in the hospital. My work also allows me to bridge the gap between primary care and intensive care because many of the conditions I treat can have long-term healthcare consequences. It’s a privilege to help patients through a challenging illness and then encourage them to follow up regularly with their primary care physicians to prevent readmissions. 



American University of Antigua, 2015


Kendall Regional Medical Center, 2019, Internal Medicine


Aventura Hospital & Medical Center, 2021, Infectious Disease
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, 2023, Critical Care Medicine


American Board of Internal Medicine-Infectious Disease
American Board of Internal Medicine-Internal Medicine

Awards, Achievements, and More


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