Clinical Trial Boosts Gloria's Breast Cancer Recovery

November 29, 2023

Gloria, who had breast cancer

“I received the best treatment that any woman can receive,” said Gloria, who had breast cancer. “Dr. Wright went over all my results, and she explained everything to me. She gave me hope and I got a lot of hugs.”

“Getting a breast cancer diagnosis is incredibly scary,” said Heather Wright, MD, chief, breast surgical oncology. “When we see a patient, we try to outline exactly the type of cancer they have so that they can anticipate what is to come.”

After surgery, Gloria was enrolled in a maintenance phase clinical trial. She received a targeted immunotherapy drug to destroy any remaining cancer cells according to Natacha Innocent, MSN, RN, clinical research manager.

“The clinical trials that we offer are important for our patients because it gives them another option to treat their disease,” Natacha said.

“Memorial is the best thing that could ever happen to me,” Gloria said. “Everyone I came in contact with was just phenomenal.”

Clinical trial aided Gloria’s breast cancer recovery

Clinical trial aided Gloria’s breast cancer recovery