SAVI SCOUT Surgical Guidance System

The SAVI SCOUT® surgical guidance system allows surgeons to more accurately pinpoint lesions prior to surgery.

The SAVI SCOUT® surgical guidance system is an innovative technology that allows Memorial Breast Cancer Center surgeons to more accurately pinpoint lesions prior to surgery.

The sophisticated technology helps surgeons with:

  • Tumor localization
  • Surgical planning
  • Surgical guidance
  • Confirmation of the tissue to be remove

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The SAVI SCOUT® surgical guidance system uses no radiation and no wires. Instead, a small staple-sized device (reflector) is placed in the tissue target up to seven days prior to surgery. The SAVI SCOUT, which uses uses radar technology, guides the surgeon to precisely target the breast tissue during a lumpectomy or excisional biopsy procedure, plan the incision and direct surgery.

This system offers many advantages to patients, including:

  • Added comfort during procedure since no invasive guide wires are used
  • Decreased wait times between radiology and surgery
  • Easier localization of the breast tumor
  • Enhanced surgical success of targeted tumors
  • FDA approved for targeting other non-breast tissues, including lymph nodes and other body parts
  • Fewer surgical delays
  • Improved patient satisfaction and well-being

SAVI SCOUT® is currently available to patients who plan to have surgery with a Memorial Breast Cancer Center surgeon.

It was very simple; I didn’t feel a thing. I’d encourage my fellow breast cancer sisters to consider the SAVI SCOUT because it was pain-free, saved me time and was less stressful on my body.

– Mindy, Breast Cancer Patient

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Savi Scout Device Helps Breast Surgery Patients Be Stronger at Memorial Breast Cancer Center
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at Memorial Cancer Institute
specifically in the breast surgical
oncology division we have a new device
called the savvyscout that allows us to
pinpoint and target exactly where the
lesion is to remove it's applicable to a
broad range of patients and we do review
every case with our breast radiologist
to make sure that each woman is
appropriate for it previously patients
would have to go to radiology on the
morning of surgery and have a needle or
wire put into their breast and now they
can have the clip placed in the breast
up to a week ahead of time we can
uncouple the woman's imaging from
surgery which makes the orm run more
efficient makes the patient's day much
more efficient and friendly than before
it's just much more comfortable for the
patients the technology that it uses is
unique it's a little reflector which is
placed in the breast under either
ultrasound MRI or mammographic guidance
and once it's placed by the little clip
where we did the biopsy there's a
special probe that we have in the
operating room which you place over the
breast and when it gets over the
reflector it makes a loud signal our
incision can be placed directly over it
and we can center our incision or oxygen
much more specifically which allows us
to take smaller margins be more accurate
patients are happy we're happy our
results have been good our specimens
have been slightly smaller the margins
have been clear it's it's been a great
addition it's important to say how
supportive that memorial has been the
Cancer Institute specifically in helping
support the implementation of new and
innovative techniques to streamline and
provide better quality of care to our

Savi Scout Device Helps Breast Surgery Patients Be Stronger at Memorial Breast Cancer Center

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