ACHC Gold Seal of Accreditation

As part of Memorial Healthcare System, we provide a comprehensive patient management program that is designed with the goal of improving patient medication access and optimizing clinical outcomes, as part of the commitment to a simple and continuous Transition of Care.

How to Submit a Prescription to our Pharmacy

You may choose one of the following ways to submit your prescription:

  • Call: 954-276-6779
  • E-scribe to Memorial Specialty Pharmacy at 9571 Premier Parkway, Miramar, Fl 33025
  • Fax: 954-276-0006

Partnering with Providers

Medication adherence

Memorial Specialty Pharmacy is uniquely positioned to improve adherence and persistence rates, which in turn decreases overall patient cost to payers. Our staff proactively works with patients and prescribers to improve non-adherence and promote patient safety through refill reminders, proper medication handling, and convenient and timely home delivery.

Evidence-based patient care

Our clinic-based clinical pharmacy specialists work alongside providers and offer evidence based recommendations to manage patients who are on specialty drug therapy both during and after prescribing decisions are made and executed. Pharmacists counsel patients on appropriate use, administration regimen, and side effect management. Pharmacists follow the care plans, monitor lab values, and assist physicians with any necessary dose adjustments. Patients are supported through any barriers to adherence including comorbid conditions, high cost of their specialty drugs or supportive therapy, and adverse drug reactions.

Effective documentation of patient interventions

Our Specialty Pharmacists staff communication and documentation occurs via our patients’ electronic medical records, which facilitates continuity of care. All care providers are aware of each other’s interactions with the patient. We are able to document and track all interventions in the patient's electronic medical record including: patient counseling, pharmacist interventions, delivery history, third party approvals and patient assistance information.

Collaborative partnership

Our clinical staff proactively identifies trends in clinical practice to improve patient outcomes and decrease cost. We have the ability to adapt to the specific needs of the patient population and the specialty product.

Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy Programs (REMS)

Managed and coordinated throughout the patient’s level and place of care, either by our Specialty Pharmacy clinical staff or by our Pharmacy Clinical staff at the Hospitals or Clinics.

Working to Decrease Total Care Cost Management

Decrease in inappropriate utilization

By monitoring specialty therapy through the patient's electronic medical record before each refill, we can identify discontinued therapies, monitor dose decrease or increase, make appropriate changes in therapies, and coordinate refill dates.

pharmacist picking meds on shelf

Optimize patient assistance programs

We help minimize the financial impact on patients through copay assistance and free drug programs .

On-site, clinic based Clinical Specialist

Our clinic-based clinical specialists contribute to the optimization of outcomes by monitoring side effects and laboratory markers which contributes to keeping patients doing well on therapies longer.

Optimal site of care

Guide patients to the most cost effective optimal site of care for the patient and payer – home administration vs hospital administration, medical vs pharmacy benefit, preferred providers, etc.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Improved patient access to specialty medications

Memorial Specialty Pharmacy strives to improve turnaround time of prior authorizations and copay assistance by working directly with the prescribers and having access to the electronic medical record. We can more efficiently facilitate prior authorization process with average turn-around of 24 hours. Our team handles all referrals, even if it means transferring to an alternate sourcing entity, while we continue to monitor and follow up.

Financial patient assistance programs (PAP)

MSRx proactively works to obtain financial relief for all patients with out of pocket costs, through manufacturer sponsored copay programs and charitable foundations, when available and plans allowed. Free drug programs for uninsured or under-insured patients are managed through our clinic-based reimbursement specialists.

Highly convenient to patients

Memorial Specialty Pharmacy has locations in the vicinity of our health system. This allows us to provide flexibility of delivery services with same day and next day deliveries. We also maintains multi-lingual staff and pharmacists to better serve our patient population.

FDA Drug Recall Website

Providers, you may use the FDA Drug Recalls link to identify drug recalls in which public notification has been issued.

FDA Drug Recalls