Comprehensive Cancer Care Enables Victoria's Recovery from Breast Cancer

March 07, 2024

Victoria, who is recovering from breast cancer

“I felt a slight pain in my breast, and I thought, ‘Oh, this is cancer,’” said Victoria, who had breast cancer. “When I was diagnosed, it was Stage Two breast cancer.”

“We knew she was going to need chemotherapy,” said Heather Wright, MD, chief, Breast Surgical Oncology, Memorial Cancer Institute. “We set her up the same day to see the medical oncologist here at Memorial. We have all the specialists in the same facility so we can communicate with each other and plan treatment more efficiently.”

Specialists at Memorial Cancer Institute worked with Victoria to develop her treatment plan, which included chemotherapy, breast surgery to remove lymph nodes, followed by targeted radiation.

“I felt comfortable with the plan in place. Everyone at Memorial makes you feel at ease, like you’re at home,” said Victoria.

“Her prognosis is excellent. She’s doing very well,” said Dr. Wright.

“The doctors here at Memorial, they saved my life.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart,” said Victoria.