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RN Fellowship Program

Take the Next Step in Your Nursing Career

Memorial Healthcare System’s RN Fellowship Program trains experienced nurses who want to transition to a new specialty nursing practice. Advance your skills during this immersive yearlong experience with classroom lessons, clinical experience and a rigorous academic project.

About the Program

We have adopted the evidence-based curriculum supported by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Transition to Practice Program™ with the goal of providing a structured program designed to facilitate orientation of experienced RNs to new practice settings.

The RN Fellowship program is managed by Valarie Grumme, PhD, RN, CCRN-K, Director of the RN Fellowship Program. The program is supported by a team of accomplished CNOs, Directors of Education, and Clinical Nurse Educators at each Memorial hospital location.

Mission Statement

Provide a structured, evidence-based, synergistic program to support experienced RN transition to new specialty practice areas.

Vision Statement

RN Fellows will develop expertise in their new practice setting and continue their professional journey with specialty certification and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Why Choose the Memorial RN Fellowship Program? 

The RN Fellowship Program prepares you and gives you confidence as you start the next phase of your nursing career. Choose from a wide range of clinical and nonclinical tracks, including critical care, oncology, infection control, labor and delivery and clinical nurse educator. As an RN fellow, you will: 

  • Challenge yourself: Gain the specialized knowledge that comes when you step beyond your current role and try something new. 
  • Enhance your clinical competence: Learn and practice new skills in our simulation lab and get hands-on experience. 
  • Participate in an immersive learning experience: Prepare and increase your on-the-job confidence by focusing on one specialty area for a year.
  • Grow and advance professionally: Be ready to take on greater responsibilities and a new role at the end of your fellowship. 
  • Learn from our leaders: Get the expertise, support and encouragement you need from our professional nurse educators and preceptors.

Program Components

Cohorts start three times a year. Your RN Fellowship Program includes:

  • Evidence-based curriculum supported by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Transition to Practice™ Program
  • Specialty classroom training, simulation and hands-on practice in the clinical environment
  • Bimonthly seminars focused on professional growth in specialty practice, evidence-based practice and leadership skills
  • Group support within your specialty cohort and access to a designated nurse educator
  • Opportunity to impact and improve clinical practice by developing an evidence-based practice project
  • Invitation to a free specialty certification review course after completing your fellowship

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Curriculum

How often do you offer the RN Fellowship Program?
We offer RN Fellowships four times a year and as needed by specialty area.
How long is the program?
The RN Fellowship is a one-year program. The orientation period varies based on the specialty you choose.
What support will I receive during the fellowship?
The program director of the RN Fellowship Program, directors of education, nurse educators and preceptors have advanced nursing education and expertise in transitioning experienced RNs to specialty nursing.

Application Process, Interviews and Candidate Selection

How many specialties can I choose and is there a choice of shift or location?
You are able to choose one specialty and shifts vary by specialty. Clinical areas are primarily nights, procedural areas have varied shifts, and all staff are required to take call. Locations vary based on availability. 
What can I expect during the interview process?
We will conduct your interview in person. You will interview with a nursing leader and a peer panel from the specialty care area.
How many RN fellows will you hire?
Each specialty unit determines how many positions they need filled through the fellowship program.

Compensation and Work Requirements

Do you offer shift and weekend differentials?
Yes, RN fellows receive shift and weekend differentials depending on their schedules.
What will my schedule look like?
First you will complete orientation and education requirements. Then you will transition to your unit orientation, where you’ll work the same hours as your preceptor. After unit orientation, you start your regular shift pattern. Every unit has weekend and holiday requirements. We build time into your work schedule for your fellowship activities. 
Can I take time off during the fellowship?
You need to attend a comprehensive specialty practice course, mandatory fellowship seminars during the program and a rigorous orientation. We recommend you don’t make plans until your hire date. 
Will I have a time commitment once I complete the fellowship?
You will be a full-time employee of Memorial Healthcare System for at least two continuous years.
Do I need to sign a contract?

You sign a two-year commitment as part of your new employee paperwork. This agreement applies to the facility and unit where you are hired.

Certain specialty areas may require additional training agreements. The nurse leader will discuss this with you during your interview.