Memorial nurses transferring a patient

Memorial Transfer Center

Connecting Patients to the Care They Need

When emergency room physicians recommend patients be admitted to an available bed within the healthcare system, Memorial’s Transfer Center jumps into action to get patients admitted and starting care as quickly and safely as possible.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, patient- and family-centered care. Reducing the wait time for an inpatient room and recommended care is part of that commitment.

When is a transfer recommended?

When an ER physician feels that a patient’s condition requires admission to the hospital, the doctor may recommend a transfer to another Memorial Healthcare System hospital, if it means a patient can be admitted, placed in a room and start appropriate care more quickly.

How it works

  • The attending emergency room physician issues orders for hospital admission.
  • It is determined that the Memorial hospital where a patient sought ER care may not have immediate accommodations for an inpatient room with appropriate level of care.
  • Memorial Healthcare System Transfer Center verifies and locates a Memorial hospital with a patient room and type of care required.
  • With a patient’s approval, our Transfer Center arranges transport by ambulance.
  • The ER team and each hospital’s inpatient care team collaborate and share information for each patient to have a seamless transition of care.

Benefits of a transfer

  • Fast – Patients spend less time waiting in the ER for a room and have access to the care they need sooner
  • Safe – Our collaborative care teams ensure safe, smooth patient care transitions from the emergency room to the inpatient setting.
  • Expertise – Memorial Healthcare System’s physicians and nurses have the expertise patients need
  • Nearby – On average, Memorial Healthcare System hospitals are less than 8 miles away from each other. Most are within a 5 mile range--about 10 minutes by car, depending on traffic.
Daughter learning how to assist her mother during a Family In Training (FIT) Program session at Memorial Regional South.

Patient and Family Centered Care

We treat patients and family members as partners in healthcare.