Joshua Delaney, MD

Delaney, Joshua
Delaney, Joshua

Memorial Division of Psychiatry Services

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About Me

I am a psychiatrist for adults at Memorial Healthcare System. I care for patients with a variety of psychiatric concerns including severe depression and bipolar disorder, as well as those with schizophrenia. I treat the acute symptoms of psychiatric conditions to help stabilize patients so they can function outside the hospital.

I have always been fascinated with the human mind and so decided to pursue a career that allows me to focus on this most complex human organ. We all grow up in different environments, have different experiences and different reactions to those experiences, and these factors unfold in a distinctive way to make each of us the person we are today. Despite our pasts, there is so much opportunity for growth, especially as we continue to learn more about the brain and human behavior.

I enjoy interacting with patients and hearing about their lives, how they were brought up, what may have led to their hospitalization and helping them get back to what they loved doing most. 

I use a shared decision-making model with my patients, meaning we come to conclusions and decisions together. My patients are involved in the process of treatment just as much as I am. I educate on the risks and benefits of different choices, but at the end of the day, the patient gets the final say, as it should be.

Hospital Affiliations


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University Of Toledo College Of Medicine, 2017


University of Miami/Jackson Health System, 2018


University of Miami/Jackson Health System, 2021



Awards, Achievements, and More


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My research interests focus on exploring psychiatric conditions and new treatments. Past research projects include:
  • University of Miami Hospital, Department of Behavioral Health Sciences, Miami, Florida, 2020 - present
    • Compared chronic stress to acute stress and the effects of each on test performance
    • Study is still recruiting and ongoing
  • University of Toledo Medical Center, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Toledo, Ohio, 2013-14
    • Analyzed 19 peer-reviewed manuscripts comparing external locking plate to internal locking plate as treatment for distal fibular fractures
    • Evaluated data from a retrospective cohort study of 45 patients undergoing intramedullary screw fixation of distal fibular fractures
  • University of Toledo Medical Center, Department of Nursing, Toledo, Ohio, 2013
    • Recruited and collected clinical data from study participants, including AVE stimulation and administration of pre- and post-intervention results (Montreal Cognitive Assessment, Geriatric Depression Scale, Katz ADL)
    • Combined results from behavioral surveys with objective EEG data to evaluate cognitive benefit; used primary data and literature review of 15 articles to propose new cost-effective solutions to delay/halt dementia


  • Ebraheim N, White E, Liu X, Delaney J, Maged H, Liu J. Minimally invasive cannulated intramedullary screw fixation of distal fibular fractures. 2016 Annual Meeting of American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Tampa, Florida, March 4, 2016.
  • Gaspar P, Elliott J, Gokula M, Algase D, Siddiqui S, Vanguru L, Ashraf U, Baker B, Delaney J, Kapur K, Qayoumi W, Reyes L, Schmees M, Li X. Efficacy of brain brightening for enhancing performance and EEG alpha rhythm in early and middle stage dementia. Poster, “Together We Make a Difference: Solutions for Senior Care” Annual Conference of the Ohio Medical Directors Association, Dublin, Ohio, Sept. 27, 2013.


  • University of Miami Certificate of Recognition Outstanding clinical service & personal performance, 2020
  • University of Miami Certificate of Recognition Outstanding clinical service & personal performance, 2019
  • University of Miami Certificate of Recognition Outstanding clinical service & personal performance, 2018