Double Diagnosis - Barry's Diabetes Care Follows Heart Surgery

March 22, 2023

Barry, patient testimonial image

Barry hadn’t been to a primary care visit in over 20 years.

But after feeling chest pain and shortness of breath, he scheduled an appointment with Mathew Waldron, MD, family medicine, Memorial Primary Care.

“In addition to those symptoms, Barry told me that his dad had diabetes,” said Dr. Waldron. “That’s highly significant.” Dr. Waldron checked Barry’s labs and discovered high blood sugar.

He was soon diagnosed with both diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Barry had triple bypass heart surgery at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute to increase blood flow to his heart muscle.

After surgery, Barry took a lot of initiative to improve his health, managing his diabetes through medications, diet and exercise with the help of Dr. Waldron and the Memorial Diabetes and Nutrition Center team.

“My doctor and the nutritionist here at Memorial are really concerned about my progress,” Barry shared. “I'm very pleased with the care that I receive. Memorial has been godsend for me.”

Barry’s Heart Health Wellness and Prevention Story

Barry, working with his students
See how Barry continues to lead an active life after bypass heart surgery and improved diabetes management.