Marc Would Recommend Memorial in a Heartbeat

December 02, 2021

Marc, who has congenital heart disease

Marc came to Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute with adult congenital heart disease. While open heart surgery was an option, Marc was concerned about his job.

“It was important for him not to be out of work for an extended period of time,” said Todd Roth, MD, Co-Medical Director, Adult Congenital Disease Program, Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute.

As a result, the Memorial team, together with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, performed the first Harmony™ transcatheter valve placement in South Florida history.

The valve is inserted into the heart via a tube fed through a vein in the groin. Once in place it expands to a shape and size that fits the patient’s heart. This innovative solution avoids open heart surgery.

Marc went home the day after the procedure.

“It speaks to our innovation as a center of excellence for adult congenital heart disease care,” said Dr. Roth.

“The nurses, the doctors are great,” said Marc, “I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.”

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Marc, whose Harmony™ valve replacement allowed him to go home the next day. Watch his story.