Memorial Repairs Elinors Congenital Heart Defect

March 07, 2018

Elinor, who had a congenital heart defect

Elinor was born with a congenital heart defect and underwent a surgery at age 7 to correct it.

But decades later, she was tiring easily, and was experiencing shortness of breath and an irregular heartbeat. Upon seeking care at Memorial, it was determined that her previously corrected heart valve was leaking. She was in heart failure.

Fortunately, the multidisciplinary Adult Congenital Heart Disease team at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute had several advanced options to consider with Elinor.

The cardiac team got together with Elinor to develop her treatment plan. During surgery, the team replaced her heart valve and also performed cardiac ablation to reorganize Elinor’s electrical pacing system.

“There was no reason to travel far away when I had the phenomenal option of Memorial, with their team right here in South Florida,” Elinor said.

Now, with proper circulation restored, Elinor looks forward to living a full life and participating in the activities she loves.

"It worked, and I feel great,” she said. “I’m back to exercising and doing everything I wanted to do.”