Memorial Offers Chris New Lease on Life

April 05, 2015


Time and arthritis had damaged Chris’s knees so severely, he couldn’t walk without pain. The 79-year-old retired accountant’s joints had degenerated gradually over the years. Eventually, one leg appeared to have collapsed toward the other, so both limbs bowed awkwardly. His daughter, a surgical nurse at Memorial Hospital West, referred him to Daniel Sheldon, MD, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery and Medical Director of the Memorial Joint Replacement Center.

Dr. Sheldon described Chris’s condition as a “windswept deformity” and recommended surgery. He underwent full knee replacement surgery on his right leg. The procedure and subsequent physical therapy all went well, with one pronounced glitch: his left knee.

Chris therapy at the Joint center

“They noticed that my left one was so badly bowed and out of shape that it would affect my gait in the recovery of the right one,” Chris said. 

As a result, he was scheduled to receive a new left knee, just as he completed physical therapy for his right one. Chris knew what to expect every step of the way, thanks to Memorial’s pre-operative education program. He attended a one-hour information class at the center to learn which exercises are recommended before and after surgery, how to care for his new joint and what to do in case of complications. He also received a patient guidebook for quick and easy reference.

“My experiences were very good,” Chris said. “They give excellent care. The whole process was just excellent. I would absolutely recommend the center and I highly recommend Dr. Sheldon.”