Choosing Your New Memorial Primary Care Provider

Establishing care with a primary care provider (PCP) at Memorial Primary Care is the beginning of a long-term relationship. Your PCP will manage all your healthcare needs, getting to know you as a person and partnering with you for your well-being.

How to Change or Choose a New Doctor

It’s easy to change or choose a new PCP, but it can take time, depending on how quickly your insurance company processes the change. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure Memorial accepts your insurance: Look at our covered insurance plans so you can find a doctor that is in-network.
  2. Choose an available doctor at a location convenient to you: Explore our primary care provider profiles or use online scheduling to see a list of the first available providers at your location of choice.
  3. Report your new doctor to your insurance provider, if required: Call your insurance plan to see if you need to inform them of your new provider.
  4. Make your first appointment: Call 954-276-5552 to schedule an appointment with your new doctor or schedule online.

Your First Visit

Your new patient visit is a chance for you and your new doctor to get to know each other. We also screen for community health conditions that influence the lives of our patients beyond health care services, including housing, employment, food insecurity, transportation, safety and more. Some of the questions we ask about is your:

  • personal and family health/medical history,
  • health needs,
  • medications,
  • diet,
  • physical activity,
  • home and work life, and more.

You may also need blood work or other tests during your visit.