From Battling Fires to Battling Leukemia – Memorial-Moffitt Cancer Partnership Rescues Richard

July 19, 2023

Richard, patient

After three years in remission, Richard received gut-wrenching news. Just months from retiring after 25 years as a firefighter, his acute myeloid leukemia was back.

After returning briefly to his initial treatment facility, Richard and his wife, Gina, turned to Moffitt Malignant Hematology and Cellular Therapy at Memorial Healthcare System for a second opinion, hopeful for more aggressive treatments.

“We fell in love instantly,” said Gina. “Everybody was so great to us.”

Yehuda Deutsch, MD, hematologist-oncologist, led Richard’s targeted therapies and chemotherapy.

“He was aggressive,” said Richard. “Fortunately, he got me into remission for a stem cell bone marrow transplant from my daughter Holly.”

“Recent changes in technology enable stem cell transplants from your child’s blood,” said Dr. Deutsch.

“I just did my duty as a daughter,” said Holly. “I’m just happy he’s alive.”

“I’m grateful,” said Gina. “We've been given a gift, another chance at life.”