Sandy Saw the Light and it was a Warning Sign

June 17, 2022

Sandy, who had a brain aneurysm

It was a day like any day for Sandy until she saw a bright light.

“I started having visual disturbances. A big, bright light came into my eye. I couldn’t see out of that eye,” Sandy said. Immediately, she thought she was having a stroke, so her husband drove her straight to Memorial.

Brain imaging revealed it was a large aneurysm causing her visual issues.

“She’s fortunate because if she had not come into the hospital, the likelihood of rupturing was very, very high,” said Norman Ajiboye, MD, Medical Director, Stroke Program at Memorial Hospital Miramar and Memorial Hospital Pembroke. “With the development of new tools, now we’re able to offer a minimally invasive surgery.”

“I was gardening the next day,” Sandy said. “I was only in the hospital overnight.”

And what does this medical recovery mean to Sandy?

“It means I’m going to see my grandchildren grow up and see my daughters get married,” Sandy said. “Family is everything to me.”

Sandy’s Brain Aneurysm Story – An Amazing Outcome

Sandy, who had a brain aneurysm and Norman Ajiboye, MD
Listen to Sandy’s story of how a bright light in her eye was an early warning sign of a large brain aneurysm.