Memorial Helps Shayne Stay a Step Ahead of Her Breast Cancer

January 09, 2022

Shayne, who had breast cancer, with Erica Bloomquist, MD

It wasn’t exactly déjà vu, but Shayne discovered a second lump ten years after having a lumpectomy.

She quickly made an appointment at Memorial.

Although this lump was small, she underwent genetic testing at Memorial. Tests revealed a genetic mutation that increased her chances of repeated breast cancers throughout her life.

The mutation, called CHEK2, is not uncommon in women like Shaye who are of Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

This time, together with Erica Bloomquist, MD, Breast Surgical Oncologist at Memorial Breast Cancer Center, she chose a “nipple-sparing” double mastectomy, one which kept her nipples and breast skin intact.

“We worked with very skilled reconstructive surgeons who did breast reconstruction at the same time,” said Dr. Bloomquist.

“What I got here at Memorial was amazing,” said Shayne. “I’ll be fine, move forward and live life.”

“She’s recovering beautifully, and her joy will help a lot of women in the future,” said Dr. Bloomquist.

Shayne’s Breast Cancer Story

Shayne’s recurring breast cancer and genetic makeup led her to choose a double mastectomy with breast reconstruction.