Vivian and Memorial Partners for Her Heart Health

June 09, 2021

vivian heart disease testimonial

Heart disease runs in Vivian’s family. Her mother’s doctor at Memorial had even urged Vivian to take steps to prevent heart disease.

“Do you think I listened? No, of course not,” Vivian said.

She was bringing in groceries when a sharp pain across her back and arm weakness forced her to drop them. So she went to see Kashmira Bhadha, MD, medical director of Women’s Heart Health at Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute.

Dr. Bhadha and team found that Vivian has microvascular angina, which affects the small blood vessels in the heart. The diagnosis is uncommon because testing is complicated, but Memorial has the unique expertise for the procedure.

“We have two interventional cardiologists that have a special interest in this type of testing,” Dr. Bhadha said.

Today, Vivian and Dr. Bhadha are controlling the condition through medication.

“It’s worth everything to have a doctor that is not only empathetic and knowledgeable, but someone who knows you,” Vivian said.

Vivian Overcomes Sudden, Severe Pain Thanks to Her Memorial Cardiologist

Dr. Bhadha examining Vivian
Learn how cardiologist Kashmira Bhadha, MD, cared for Vivian after being diagnosed with microvascular angina.