Norma Resumes Active Lifestyle After Knee Replacement Surgery

April 19, 2019

Norma using stationary bicycle

For more than a year, Norma lived with fairly constant osteoarthritis pain in her left knee. The pain worsened with long walks and when moving from a sitting to standing position, severely impacting her quality of life. At times, it would wake her from sleep.

“I was pretty much bone on bone,” said Norma, a runner, spin instructor and avid bike rider who underwent a total knee arthroplasty at Memorial Hospital West’s Joint Replacement Center.

“Patients who have had one knee or hip done elsewhere and then come here notice a dramatic difference. We’ve standardized a lot of our processes to streamline the surgery and the recovery,” said Norma’s surgeon, Daniel Sheldon, MD, medical director, Memorial Joint Replacement Center.

Norma was up and out of bed the same day of her surgery, and able to start physical therapy right away. She was discharged two days later and resumed her active lifestyle after completing outpatient therapy.

“The expertise and the care I received at Memorial alleviated the fear I had going into this,” she said. “Everyone was very knowledgeable, caring and interested in my recovery. I felt like my hand was held every step of the way, and that meant the world to me."

Knee Replacement at Memorial Joint Replacement Center: Norma’s Story

Active since childhood, Norma refused to let a total knee replacement prevent her from moving forward with a fulfilling and active lifestyle.