Kidney Transplant Changes Kyle's Life

December 13, 2018

Kidney Transplant Copywriting  Kyle

Kyle came to Memorial after a diagnosis of end-stage kidney failure. For four years, he was receiving four-hour hemodialysis treatments, three times a week.

“When Memorial started its Transplant Institute, I wanted to look into getting on another transplant list,” Kyle said.

Fernando Pedraza, MD, Medical Director, Adult Nephrology & Kidney Transplant Program, and a multidisciplinary team of specialists, took over Kyle's care, keeping their patient and his wife, Jean, informed at all times.

“Kyle's life was limited by these sequential treatments and his disease,” said Dr. Pedraza.

Shortly after getting on the transplant list, an organ became available. After Kyle's transplant surgery, the kidney began working immediately.

Kyle has returned to his former employment and continues to retake control of his life.

“Since the transplant, everything is phenomenal,” he said. “I'm at a good place – a place that I've longed to be for such a huge period of time.”