Bariatric Surgery Re-Energizes May

December 16, 2018

may bariatric patient story

May wasn’t feeling good. She’d just had a cancer scare and was struggling with high blood pressure, her weight and lack of energy.

“I knew that in order for me to get better, I needed to take care of my weight and take care of myself,” she said.

Her physician at Memorial Cancer Institute suggested she meet a bariatric surgeon with the Memorial Weight-Loss Surgery Program.

“He took the time to explain everything to me and how it would work and make me feel comfortable,” May said.

This multidisciplinary, patient- and family-centered approach is a hallmark of Memorial's care philosophy.

A sleeve gastrectomy reduced the capacity of May’s stomach, and she committed to lifestyle changes and lost 65 pounds. May is eating healthy, exercising, has more energy and no longer has hypertension.

She’s happier and more confident, too.

“It just changed my life tremendously,” May said. “I feel fantastic.”

Weight-Loss Surgery at Memorial Re-energizes May

Weight-Loss Surgery at Memorial Re-energizes May