Raymond Receives a Kidney

November 19, 2018

Raymond kidney transplant patient testimonial

Raymond was diagnosed with end-stage renal failure. He was limited in virtually every aspect of his life and needed a kidney transplant.

“My kidney function was going down,” he said. “The last time, it was 9 percent kidney function.”

At Memorial, Raymond was treated by Fernando Pedraza, MD, medical director of Memorial’s Adult Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Program, and the multidisciplinary team at Memorial Transplant Institute.

He was cornered by the disease,” Dr. Pedraza said.

Several brothers and sisters offered to donate a kidney. Only one of his sisters turned out to be a match.

The Memorial transplant team conducted a successful surgery, and the donated kidney was functional right away. Raymond’s sister walked away from the hospital four hours after her nephrectomy surgery. Raymond was discharged after four days. He continues with lab tests and is getting back to living a full life.

The doctors, the nurses, everybody here at Memorial – the care was unbelievable,” he said.