Adrian’s Wife and Friend Helped Save His Life When an Aneurysm Caused a Complex Stroke

Adrian, who had a stroke They were able to diagnose bleeding on the brain caused by a ruptured aneurysm but were unable to secure and stop the bleeding.

Howard, a close friend, recommended Memorial Neuroscience Institute and Adrian was transferred to the certified comprehensive stroke center at Memorial Regional Hospital.

“His aneurysm caused a hemorrhagic stroke, the most complex kind,” said Brijesh Mehta, MD, medical director, Comprehensive Stroke Program and Neurointerventional Surgery at Memorial Neuroscience Institute.

In the cath lab, Dr. Mehta and his team utilized minimally invasive X-ray guidance and 3-D rotational angiography to accurately identify the location of the bleeding and place coils and a stent to prevent another rupture.

“He’s gone back to a full quality of life,” said Dr. Mehta.

And his wife, friend and the Memorial team?

“I thank them all from the bottom of my heart,” said Adrian.


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