Credentialing FAQ

Following are answers to common questions about the credentialing process at Memorial. For additional assistance, contact your credentialing coordinator or call the Credentialing Verification Office (CVO) at 954-844-4430.

Where can I find information about Memorial's eligibility requirements?

To learn more about Memorial’s eligibility requirements, visit:

What should I do if I forgot to include information in my application?

Please contact your credentialing coordinator to update your application. You can also fax this information to the CVO at 954-965-6468.

What steps should I take if I receive notification that my credentialing application is incomplete?

If your application is incomplete or missing information, you’ll receive a deficiency notice from your credentialing coordinator. To avoid further delays in the credentialing process, promptly email the requested information to your coordinator. You can also fax this information to the CVO at 954-965-6468.

What is the general timeline from application submission to employment?

We try to verify and recommend applications to the Board within 90 days of receiving a completed application. A detailed application helps our credentialing staff easily identify the types of primary source verifications they need to complete the process.

These factors can affect the time it takes to process an application:

  • Appropriate peer references
  • Employment history
  • Explanations of professional liability claims
  • Foreign medical degree
  • Number of years out of training
  • Training or practice outside of the U.S.
  • Practice as a locum tenens physician

Why does the credentialing process take so long?

We require verification from primary sources of all activities since completion of medical school or applicable education. How quickly we verify information depends on how promptly sources respond to our queries.

You can help expedite this process by providing comprehensive details on your application, such as dates (month and year), addresses and the phone numbers and email addresses of contacts.

We then compare your application with primary source information. In some instances, we may request additional information from you.

What information do you collect during the credentialing process?

We collect and verify information with primary sources about your:

  • Professional licenses
  • Professional education and training
  • Professional affiliations
  • Job experiences
  • Professional references
  • Malpractice information

How far in advance do you accept applications?

We accept applications up to four months prior to an applicant’s expected start date.

How often does Memorial reappoint providers?

The CVO reappoints practitioners for each Memorial facility every two years, unless otherwise indicated.

What are Memorial’s professional liability requirements?

Practitioners must demonstrate financial responsibility to pay claims as outlined in Florida Statute 458.320 and/or 459.0085.

Memorial Healthcare System’s minimum liability coverage requirement is not less than $250,000 per claim and $750,000 aggregate.

If I am currently on staff at a Memorial hospital and want to join another facility, do I need to complete a new application and the credentialing process again?

Because each Memorial facility has their own independent medical staff, you must complete the initial appointment and credentialing process again. However, our facilities share a credentialing system. This means your application will already have the verified information from your earlier credentialing process. You won’t need to re-enter previously submitted and verified information.

How can I check the status of my application?

We prefer that you refrain from contacting the CVO until after you’ve received your initial pending items letter. This approach allows our team to focus their efforts on processing applications. When necessary, you can email your credentialing coordinator or call the CVO at 954-844-4430.

Can I submit my application while waiting for my residency training letter?

Yes. We accept applications that are still pending completion of postgraduate training. Once you complete training, we will verify this information with a primary source.

Can I submit my application if I am completing my residency or fellowship and plan to apply for my license and DEA certificate upon completion?

You can submit your application after you have applied for your medical licensure in Florida. For credentialing, we still need to verify that you have successfully completed the program. If we finish the credentialing process before you have completed your program, we will mark your file as “pending” until we can obtain the necessary verification.

Will you accept scanned documents instead of hard copies?

Yes. Our credentials process is 100% electronic. We accept only scanned or faxed copies of requested documents.

Do you accept electronic signatures?

Yes. We accept electronic signatures.

Who should I contact with questions about medical staff categories?

Please contact the CVO to speak with a credentialing specialist. You can also reference the MHS medical staff bylaws.

Does the background check cover me for all Memorial Healthcare System sites?

Yes. The background check covers all Memorial sites to which you make application.

What are the credentialing application fees?

Credentialing application fees are $500.00 for the first hospital and $250.00 for each additional hospital.

Checks should be made payable to: Memorial Healthcare System Medical Affairs

Where do I remit credentialing application fees?

Mail your application fee to:

USPS Mailing Address:
MHS Med Staff
PO Box 749418
Atlanta, GA 30374-9418

For Overnight Delivery:
PNC Bank c/o MHS Med Staff
Lockbox Number 749418
Phoenix Business Park
1669 Phoenix Parkway, Suite 210
College Park, GA 30349

Do you accept credit cards for the payment of fees?

No. We are unable to accept credit cards for fee payments.

Why are there separate application fees for each site?

Each Memorial site has its own independent medical staff and application fees are collected accordingly.

Do I need to pay application fees if I’m already a Memorial employee?

No. Memorial pays application fees for all current Memorial employees.

Are the fees refundable if I decide to withdraw my application?

Application fees are nonrefundable if we have started processing the application.

Why did I receive a request to pay dues when I just paid an application fee?

These are different and distinct fees.

  • The application fee is a one-time fee to process your credentialing application.
  • Medical staff dues are fees you pay annually after your appointment.

What can I do to expedite the credentialing process?

These steps can help expedite the credentialing process:

  • Be thorough. Please list precise dates (month and year) and provide complete contact information, including addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses.
  • Use appropriate professional references. Your references should have current personal knowledge (within the last 24 months) of your clinical competence, ethical character, health status and ability to work cooperatively with others. Your references should also be in your same specialty.
  • Ensure affiliations and training programs are up to date. Provide a complete listing of current and previous affiliations and training programs.
  • Provide liability claims information. Provide detailed information for all past or present liability suits or claims.
  • Explain employment or training gaps. Provide detailed explanations for any training or employment gaps lasting more than 60 days.
  • Promptly return your completed application. The CVO will not start the credentialing process until they’ve received your completed application and privilege request. This includes all required documents and fees.

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